"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives."  - Ronald Reagan

Be Vigilant. Be Free.

Our Mission

US Vigilance is dedicated to fidelity to the United States Constitution and the Republican form of government.  Free men and free markets have been and remain the greatest drivers of prosperity in the entire history of mankind.  To this end, our mission is to encourage fact based reasoned debate on public policy and the development of responsible citizenship.

Join the Movement!

"Be Vigilant. Be Free."

Americans have been misled to believe the Constitution provides individual rights – but this is not so.  It is the rule book for governing and protects us from the oppression of government.  

Vigilance The Price of Liberty provides non-partisan working knowledge of the Constitution, analyzes problems stemming from political corruption, and offers seven solutions to save America.

Unless we learn the Constitution and demand a well-managed government the American dream will die with the next generation. 

Be Vigilant. Be Free.